Cash loan in Millenial Bank

Millenial Bank – a cash loan from PLN 1,000 to PLN 150,000

Millenial Bank - a cash loan from PLN 1,000 to PLN 150,000

As part of the Cash Loan, Millennium Bank offers from 1,000 to 150,000 PLN. The loan period – from 6 to 108 months. The initial decision on granting the loan is received by telephone immediately after filling out the application. The money can be used for any purpose.

It is worth noting that the bank guarantees the lowest interest rate on the Cash Loan on the market. APY is 18.97 percent. A client who, within 30 days of signing the contract, will find an offer with a lower interest rate, will then receive a refund of the difference in interest paid.

Cash loan – special offer

Cash loan - special offer

The offer is directed to employees:

  • banks,
  • insurance companies,
  • Spółdzielcza Kasa Oszczędnościowo-Kredytowa,
  • brokerage houses,
  • investment fund companies.

As part of the offer, the client pays a fixed, low commission – 2 percent. The minimum interest rate is 5.5 percent. The maximum loan period is 108 months. In the case of consolidation, it is longer – even 120 months.

In order to get a loan, go to the Millenial facility. The procedure for applying for a loan is not complicated. It is enough to provide a document that confirms employment in a financial institution. Importantly, Millenial honors all forms of employment – a contract of employment, commission or work.

How to take out a cash loan at Millenial Bank

How to take out a cash loan at Millenial Bank

To take out a cash loan you must first submit a contact application, which is available on the bank’s website. The initial decision is obtained immediately after sending the form. Then go to the selected branch in order to sign the contract.

Importantly, people who have a bank account have a simplified way to take out a Cash Loan. In order to take advantage of the loan, they should log in to their Millenet account and fill in the application there.

Millenial – cash loan insurance

The Millenial bank offers a cash loan insurance . As part of the Safe Loan policy, the borrower gains protection in the scope of:

  • loss of a permanent source of income,
  • hospitalization as a result of an accident,
  • temporary incapacity to work,
  • total incapacity to work as a result of disability,
  • serious illness,
  • death.

What conditions must be met in order to receive a cash loan at Millenial?

What conditions must be met in order to receive a cash loan at Millenial?

Cash loans in Millenial can incur people who have a fixed income. Interestingly, the bank honors all forms of employment: a contract of employment, a contract of mandate and a contract for specific work. It is worth noting that in order to take advantage of the offer, you do not need to present a certificate of income. Millenial accepts the statement with remuneration transfers from 3 months and PIT for the last year. On the other hand, economic activities must be presented annually for an annual tax return and a certificate from the Tax Office / ZUS / KRUS or a book of revenues and expenses.

Other loan products at Millenial Bank

Other loan products at Millenial Bank

Millennium Bank also offers:

  • consolidation loan,
  • loan for assets,
  • a loan with a limit on the account.

A consolidation loan is a combination of other financial liabilities into one, lower installment. You can consolidate your credit card debt, cash loan and credit card debt, etc.

The asset loan is targeted at people who have term deposits with a guaranteed capital payment. Thanks to the product, the borrower does not have to withdraw the invested funds. Interestingly, the assets do not have to belong to the borrower and the third party. The loan can be used for any purpose. APRC – 8.54 percent

Thanks to the account limit, the customer can increase the balance with his bank account. Interestingly, the limit is not a one-off. Each deposit on the account automatically repays the debt. How it’s working? It is enough for the borrower to have funds on his account in the amount of PLN 5,000. If the limit is set at PLN 1000, 6000 PLN is available for use. APRC – 10.47 percent

Millennium Bank – summary

Millennium Bank - summary